Amy Clark Birddogg Designs

Artist Statement - Amy Clark
Birddogg Designs®

All my life I have loved to draw and paint.  Growing up as an only child in a small Ohio town and surrounded by the dry mid-western landscape, I often retreated into a world of my own where I was free to be a child.  I created, imagined, played and dreamed.  I am very thankful for my upbringing as it allowed me to create a universe full of loving, free-spirited beings I call Birdles®.

When I was 17, my father dies unexpectedly and I would often think of how a life can be taken away so suddenly – when the things you wanted to do, or aspire to be, can just end.  For me, the realization was knowing that my days should be filled with doing what I truly love.  This translated into my own artistic vision, and continues today with my creation of my Birdles®.

Generally I begin by using various pencils and permanent black ink pens to sketch out my design.  I then scan my illustration to continue my work on Illustrator or Photoshop.  At this point, I am able to apply additional color and general touchup.  The designs are then printed using archival digital ink on watercolor paper.  I also pain the finished illustrations on canvas using acrylics.

Birdles® live in a world of contentment, whimsy and fun.  Conflict isn’t part of the Birdles® way of life and anyone who encounters on will smile and feel less serious about the world around them.  Just as in my world, Birdles® inspire peace, warm “fuzzies” and love.  I have a pretty simply philosophy in life:

“Enjoy every day to its fullest and let your life inspire you.”