Inspiration, is the key...

Posted by Todd Hewitt on

Do you remember the last time, as an artist that true inspiration took hold?

There are many times in our lives that we get inspired, to create. Whatever you create; be it a painting, a song, or even baked goods, it is a piece of who you are, who you have been. Possibly, who you will become...

A true artist can see the profound in the simplest of things. A rainstorm at night, sunlight shining off the lake, or, even a single tear rolling down the cheek.

Many artists are very good at putting these down for future generations to behold. But there are few, very few who can, not only put that into a piece of art, but that can also make you feel the emotion behind.

Agnes Cecile is one such artist. The profound and the emotion serve up a feast for the mind, body, and the soul.
Watch this video of her painting, a self-portrait, and I'm sure you will agree.

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