Information Overload

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In today’s world, we are overwhelmed with feeling that we need to remake it or remodel it.

Try this, try that.

“Like” me on Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, Google+, …
At last count, there were over 3.419 billion* people on the internet.

"Wait a minute!" 

Aren't, there are only 7.395 billion people on the planet  *, give or take a few?  Right.

So that means about 50% of ... EVERYONE is an internet user.
Let's take it another step.
There are around 2.307 Billion* active social media users out there — almost 1/3 of the entire planet is out there being social.
Want another?
I bet you are signed up for at least 3-4 of those, aren’t you?
There are podcasts, newscasts, and live feeds from every conceivable source. You could spend your entire day doing nothing but catching up on other people’s lives.
YouTube, Facebook, and WhatsApp all have more than 1 billion active accounts … Each.
With all this happening, how do we all have time for ourselves? I'm not knocking Social Media.

I Love It!

But, it's like everything in life; moderation is the Key.
So, let’s take a moment to reflect.

Let’s take a moment to unwind.

A moment to just be ourselves, not the person that we think needs to be portrayed to the ever-expanding world of the digital.

P.S. We know you're being social reading our blog and we thank you!
* As of January 2016

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