Happy Memories

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When you think back to your childhood.

What are some of your fondest memories?

One of mine has always been the holidays. That time when the family gets together and puts all differences aside and enjoys fellowship, and food. 

Oh my yes, there was always food! 


For my mother, when the family would congregate, it was a time to go crazy with the extras. Now, we never had excess. We weren't gourmet cooks. Or even the best cooks. But, we had our favorite dishes. The ones that you looked forward to every year. And all the little Extras that defined midwest living. 


Every Year growing up we had the same meals. Corned Beef and Cabbage on St. Patricks Day. Turkey for Thanksgiving. Ham for Easter. All three for Christmas.

Small town Midwest living.

It was simple. It was sublime. these are the defining moments in our lives.

You see, the recipes were handed down with few if any variations throughout the generations.

Why change a classic, when it has always been perfect? 

Now, there are many who will say that we need to update and tweak out family recipes.

I say that's fine for you.

But, for me?

No, I will never change the dishes that have become the fondest memories of a great childhood.

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