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Human memory is not linear, it is dimensional. It tracks forward and backward; side to side, sliding up and down all at the same time. It is triggered every day by items that we barely recognize. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes ... your unique history weighing down on you; every day, all day long. The sense of proportion is overwhelmed, at times, It is at these times that you open up those long forgotten boxes that you had stored away.
When you open these boxes, whatever the trigger, you are a traveler. Not only in space, but in time and reality. There will always be those moments in time that remain forever etched in our memories. The fond times at the cabin. Those wonderful campfires heating not only your feet and hands but your spirit and soul. The awe and beauty of the ocean. The vast wonder that it holds. Something so serene and peaceful on the surface can also be one of the most destructive forces on our earth.

There is a feeling of peace and companionship that is rarely around us in everyday life. For me, the memories that I find coming back the most, are the of family vacations. Every summer we would pack up the car and drive somewhere different. Usually, a different place to explore every time. We toured the United States from Ohio to Arizona; Maine to Florida; and all the places in between. Dinners cooked on the faithful Coleman stove. Whether in a tent or the pop-up camper, we would stay at the KOA campgrounds. My parents filled my childhood with the vision to see these places for what they really and truly are: Gifts from God, that we must cherish and protect.

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